Through this blog, BSR Sports will present you with high quality information on all sporting events, including a breakdown analysis of events, previews and reviews as well as interviews with not only the fans but the stars themselves. In the near future we hope to expand our brand and grow, not only internationally, but globally. Sending our writers worldwide to soak in only the most prestigious sporting events, taking in all the action in the process and delivering it straight back to your very own device. We aim to provide you with detailed insights into sporting events like never before, whilst also leaving our own personal ratings and reviews in the process.

Founded in 2020, we believe modern fans deserve a detailed view into the world of sport during the current age. Many topics and areas have been overcast by the multi-million-pound companies, focusing purely on the money-making aspects in the game, such as football and its fan bases in Europe. We aim to take you straight into the action, beneath the architecture of Madison Square Garden, NYC. Or behind the TV cameras, smothering the touchlines of Old Trafford, home of the world-famous Manchester United, into the real world of sport which has been left uncaptured!