Blair McNally. Founder, Writer And Editor. Head Of Operations

I am a young, vibrant and most importantly exciting writer, who craves nothing but enthusiasm towards not only one, but all sports, worldwide. After departing school in 2019 it became my mission to turn this enthusiasm into a career. After gaining a year of experience as a media student, I have decided to turn my proven talents into black and white, kick-starting my future as a Sports Journalist in the process whilst continuing to study at City of Glasgow College. I see a bright future ahead for BSR Sports with the current pandemic being the only restrictions on my invigorating ideas becoming reality.

I look forward to entertaining you, joined by my writing partners in the near future, to deliver a global sports experience like no other. Exclusively here at BSR Sports!

Liam Murphy, Writer and Video Editor

I am a chilled, upbeat, and eccentric person who has a deep passion for writing about sport. After completing High School, I made it my goal to, one day, become one of the most exciting Sport Journalists in the world, to which my path has already started, with my current Journalism Studies. I was offered this opportunity after Blair noticed my passion for Sports writing and I just could not refuse! 

To have the opportunity to write about what I feel passionate about is a dream come true for me, as well as being able to study what I love at the City of Glasgow College. I see a powerful ambition within BSR Sports and this right here is only the beginning, as we continue, as a group, to push on and with the ideas we all have at our disposal, I trust in the process.

I hold the utmost excitement in delivering to you the pleasure I contain when discussing Sports and presenting a worldwide experience like you have never seen before, exclusively here on BSR Sports!

Luke McFarlane, Writer and Podcast Contributor

I am a young writer with a strong passion for sport, currently studying Journalism at City of Glasgow College. I aim to pursue a career as a Sports Journalist in the future. Growing up in Glasgow, like anyone I grew a love for football and began to follow most major leagues across Europe. In recent years I have expanded my horizons on this and developed a keen interest in other sports, most notably, Boxing, MMA and the NFL. I am more than excited to be a part of the up and coming BSR Sports team and can’t wait to work with other passionate and talented young Journalists in helping to get the word of Sport out there.

Robbie Hanratty, Writer and Podcast Contributor

I am an outgoing, enthusiastic, well driven young Sports Journalist with the ambition of playing an integral part in the growth of BSR Sports.          


I am currently studying my masters degree in Broadcast Journalism at University, having already achieved an honours degree in Media Studies as well as a HND in Media and Communication.


It gives me great pleasure to be involved with a team of like-minded individuals who want to succeed. I love all things sport, with football being my strong point. However, in recent years I’ve built a more extensive knowledge of darts, golf and tennis.


I feel that I can put my experience to good use to create engaging content with a variety of articles along with a big passion for podcasting.


Being innovative and creating something different, that will not only stand out from the crowd but also engage a sense of following, is the goal to strive towards.


I’d like to thank BSR for believing in me and getting me involved with this venture.